Hey everyone – meet the stunning and inspiring Katie Fox Webb. Katie has been part of the Roots community from its early days. She is an amazingly creative and strong woman. We sat down and asked her a few questions:

Sum yourself up in two sentences.

My life mission is to speak truth and love into other people’s lives to help them be the person they desire and can be. I’m deeply passionate about encouraging women to grow, achieve, and lead.

What is something in your life you’re proud of?

I would say I’m proud of the fact that I own my own business as a millenial woman. I had a full time job that made me miserable and I knew I was better than that. I had the ability to do more, so I did. It took time for me to understand what I wanted, be confident in the talents that I have, and know my ability to use those talents to serve people. I was proud of the fact that I didn’t stay with the “standard job” that made me miserable simply because it offered stability and paid the bills. I chose instead to step out on a limb and try something and thankfully it has paid off. Things are going well and it’s amazing. Moving forward I would like to take my business in a more creative direction. It’s very exciting!

What is something that makes you smile?

My nephew. That might be cliche but it’s true. If I’m ever traveling or having a bad day I just want to go hang out with Milo. I look at videos and pictures on my phone and it always makes my day better. He’s the best gift ever to our family; a real miracle of life.

What is the kindest thing someone has ever done for you?

Josh marrying me! He’s the best person ever. He’s so kind, so selfless, and endlessly supportive. As I get older and see different relationships around me I have noticed what a rare trait that is; for someone to behind you and support you 100% when there is great possibility of failure. I had the privilege of being married to Josh who had a job that could support us and with that he simply encouraged me to quit the job I hated and pursue what I wanted to do.

What is the kindest thing you’ve done for a stranger?

I’m currently working on the kindest thing for someone else. I have been overweight all my life; always tried to lose weight, tried to be healthy. Nothing really motivated me enough to stick to anything. Recently I read about how more and more people are in need of bone marrow transplants. Every person can be a living donor, you don’t have to die to donate life saving things. It really inspired me to do that. I went through the application process and discovered my BMI was too high to donate. Getting that news we exceptionally motivating to finally get healthy. If a core value in my life is to do the most I can for others and something in my life [that I control] is preventing me from doing that, why wouldn’t I change? Why wouldn’t I try to fix it so that I can better help other people? I’ve been very convicted by this and am working to better myself so that I can help others in a life changing way.

*Since the interview Katie has now qualified to be a donor. Super awesome!!

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

I would love to visit Wales. I recently learned that’s where my family is from. It would be really cool to discover and see where your family came from. It’s also beautiful there, so there’s that.

If you could identify with one fictional character who would it be and why?

I really resonate with Luna Lovegood. She’s super weird and strange. When she was first introduced people were immediately judgemental, but as the story unfolds they discover wonderful and an incredibly loyal friend. She’s incredibly intelligent and has so much to offer and people don’t notice that right away. Middle school and high school Katie was like, “THAT’S ME!!” Now I’m not entirely sure if she was me or I just wanted to be like her but yeah, Luna. She touches my heart.

What is your favorite thing about Roots?

I love that when I come here it feels like you’re coming home. I come here and it feels like home. I always know people here and it’s just a safe place to be. It’s a great place for creatives to come and spread out and work their magic. We are all doing it together. It’s so great.