The temperature is up, the sun is out (most days), and spring has finally descended on Michigan. We can smell summer on the horizon. Another long awaited season has blossomed, garage sale season.

CONFESSION: I have never really been one that enjoyed garage sales. I don’t have anything against them, I simply never felt the urge to stop and look through other peoples things. I know quite a few well-seasoned and enthusiastic garage sale shoppers, but it just never caught on with me.

In the spirit of trying new things and challenging myself (and keeping costs as low as possible), I have started testing the waters of this garage sale thing. It has been an interesting experience. I now find myself getting excited every time I see a sign for a yard, garage, or rummage sale. It’s a whole new feeling!  I have even gotten lucky a time or two with my hunt. My goals have been to get my  cutlery, glasses, tables, and chairs all through resale. I have successfully started my collection.

It is amazing what you see at some of these sales. You can find some really great treasures and at the same time find some pretty terrible pieces. It’s fun to be on the search and rescue for the good stuff. So to all those out there who enjoy garage sales, have a great season and happy hunting!

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