Ending a chapter of your life is always bitter sweet. The end of this chapter is no different. My time at The Elbow Room was so amazing. The joy all of my customers brought me is indescribable. When I step back and look at my time there I see what an incredible blessing it was. God was so good to me when He allowed me to experience true friendship with the community of The Elbow Room.

Working there could hardly be classified as work to me. I enjoyed going to work everyday and having a chance to visit with everyone who walked in the door. The joy of brewing coffee, creating delicious drinks, and having an opportunity to improve someones day is life to me. I can confidently say, this is what God created me for.

I can not forget my co-workers, past and present. They have been some of the most inspiring people to work with. Some have gone on to do great things and others have big dreams for the future. They are beautiful and wonderful people and I am thankful for the chance to know them, work with them, and call them friends. I pray that they all step into the life God has for them, in it they will find unending joy.

Thank you all so much for making my time in Flushing enjoyable. I can only pray that I was able to bring a bit of God’s love and joy to all of you. I sought only to love you and improve your day. If I achieved that then I am satisfied.

As one chapter ends another begins. We always move forward. So I am moving forward; forward and west. The excitement of doing God’s work has captured me. I step out into the future to continue to live the life He has prepared for me. Roots Brew Shop is an exciting new chapter and I’m not sure what it contains. There will be ups and downs, but as long as I remain faithful to the Lord He will see me through.

There is a song by Needtobreathe that describes this transition so well. It’s called ‘Rise Again’ and it says, “Set my sights on where I’m going and my goodbyes to where I’ve been. Oh I know I’m gonna rise again.” With those words I begin my new chapter. This is not the end of the book, there is so much more to come.