Since heading west to Grand Rapids I have been in meetings on meetings on meetings. Wow, there are so many people one needs to connect with, talk to, chat up in order to move a new business along.

My favorite meeting thus far has been with the neighborhood association. The women I met with are excited about our project and what it can do for the community. My meeting with them gave me a huge boost of confidence and was a big reminder of what I’m doing and why I’m here. Also, the women were authentic and a joy to chat with. I’m looking forward to working with them as we move Roots Brew Shop along.

This cycle of meetings I feel will never end. When owning a business they never really do. You’ll always have to be meeting with so and so about such and such. It’s a good thing I’m perfecting my skills now. At this rate it won’t take long for me to become an expert at meetings. – Oh that reminds me, I’ve got to set up another meeting for this week and one for next week. – Some of these appointments I really enjoy and they help motivate me, while others are troublesome to attend. Some I look forward to and others I tolerate. But so life is right? Why would the business world be much different from that?

Wish me luck and send up some prayers for me as I connect with all the right and necessary people. Please also pray for the people with whom I’m meeting. I’m doing a job and so are they. Therefore they require our prayers as well, that they may do their jobs the best they can and in the light of Christ’s will.

Thank you so much for your continued support. I’ll catch up with you after these next few appointments and let you know how they went. Enjoy your holiday week! Catch you on the flip side!