And here comes the fun part… we have started to transform some of our AWESOME furniture into artwork. If any of you know me you know how much I LOVE to repaint and restore old furniture. To take something that many thought useless, old, or ugly and make it beautiful, useful, and new is a passion of mine. It’s like anything in life really; many people can seem useless, old, or ugly and yet there is something beautiful there that others might miss. The beauty of God’s handy work is always there if we can only take the time to see it and nurture it.

Last weekend and the early part of this week has been filled with sanding, painting, and finishing some of the furniture we’ve stored up. We’ve got lots of chairs and some tables already. Most of these have been donated or made for us and we are so grateful! (If anyone has tables or chairs hanging around let us know!)

The sun was hot while I sanded and I got a bit sunburned, but it was worth it! This particular table started out black and white. Sanding took quite a while due to the beautifully intricate legs. My hands got a bit dirty….


The table shaped up quite well despite my filthy hands.


photo 1


photo 2

Just a little taste of the colors and style of what’s to come in the new shop. Again thanks for everyone who has donated furniture or help in various ways! This shop would not be as far as it is now without the help of many hands. We are still on the hunt for tables and chairs… mostly tables.

Prayers are still needed. We still have not quite met our necessary financial goal but we’re getting close. If you could pray that we are able to reach that goal soon we would appreciate it! Thanks again for all your support!! Remember if you’d like to donate and have your name put up on our wall you can at our GoFundMe account.

Enjoy the sunshine and take an adventure!