I had always thought that when I stepped forward and accepted the mission God was asking me to undertake, that I had given everything over to Him at that moment. It’s a funny thing, but I have been asked over and over again to continue to give up to Him. There were still (and I’m sure still are) things I was holding tightly to, things that hadn’t fully left my grasp. It’s a strange lesson to learn.

I was talking about this yesterday with a new friend. We were talking about expectations we and others have for our lives. I spoke of the timeline for the coffee shop and how it has taken months longer than Austin, myself, and others around us thought it would. It seems to be an endless waiting game. But it was interesting, asĀ  I talked about all I had planned, and all I had expected, and everything I had in place, there was something to take notice of, I was talking a lot about myself. I seemed to be at the center.

How humbling that observation was! This is the Lord’s mission, it is His will. Yes, we must always be working, moving forward, pushing toward the goal of achieving God’s will, bu always remembering that it is in His hands. We have said yes and are diligently at work. As a result all will happen according to His will. The Lord’s prayer says, “Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.” We must constantly be reminded of this.

The best way to do this is to look back on the blessings God has given and how he prepared me yesterday for today. God has allowed me to receive a great education, he has given me incredible life experiences with people I love, and has blessed me with experience and connections that allow this mission to be propelled forward. If I had not said yes yesterday then today would not be possible. It’s a beautiful thing to know that even years before, God was preparing both Austin and I for this very mission. There is such beauty and depth of love to that.

At mass yesterday Fr. Scott spoke of our deep dependance on God. He said that, “Our dependance on God and His love is the same as a sailboat’s dependance on the wind.” Both are stagnant without the other. How true that is and what a greatly needed reminder!

Please continue to pray for this mission. Pray that we continue to depend on God for every choice and action. May the Lord continue to guide us, support us, and move us forward. Thank you so much for all the love and support you all have given us. We could not be more grateful!

Enjoy the week ahead and depend on God, give Him control. We will post some picture updates soon!