“Time is making fools of us again.” – Albus Dombledore

Time has made a fool of me, I have failed to keep you in the loop with our goings on. There have been many interesting, time consuming, labor-intensive, and even exciting adventures had during the last weeks at Roots Brew Shop.

I’ll start with the most exciting… we were approved for the GROW loan! Our last piece of financing is now secured and we could not be more thrilled and thankful! It’s always encouraging when others put such confidence in you and your ability to achieve your dreams. God is so good! Thank you all so much for the many prayers, encouragements, and donations. We would be no where without them!

As for the physical space, it looks a bit different. With the gracious help of family and roommates we were able to paint the ceiling and walls. No longer white and multicolored pastels, we now have sleek black and a great teal. The ceiling was a whole weekend adventure. (And TONS of paint! We went back to Lowe’s three times!!) The walls were quick and easy in comparison.

0020     0017

Another weekend project resulted in barn-wood, donated by my Uncle Bob (thanks again!!) being put down in the windowsills. The teal walls combined with the barn-wood looks stellar! The look we are aiming for is being achieved and we couldn’t be happier about it!

0019      0016

The carpet was next. We ripped it up. The carpet left the floor, but the glue did not. The whole flood had a tint of yellow and rigid texture of carpet glue. We trooped off to Home Depot and rented a grinder and got to work getting rid of the glue. I believe Austin’s exact words were, “It’s like wrestling an alligator.” I attempted to work the machine but unfortunately I was no help. I was left on clean up duty. Instead we enlisted the help of some more men. Todd Morra and John Abraham took up the challenge with us. They cleared that floor in 6 hours! It was wonderful. We have washed it down and will be staining it soon.

0021        0015      0014      0013 0018

In the midst of all this paint, glue, wood, grinders we made it on TV! The building we are located in had an open house and media event. Here is a clip of our small TV spot!

We are moving forward and making good progress. Again, it doesn’t seem to be following our own personal timeline, but that of the Lord’s. It continues to be a lesson. Our opening date looks so much closer though! We have been working so hard and with such passion and it is exciting to see it all coming together. Please continue to pray for us! We depend on your prayers. God has taught us so much over this past year. The greatest lesson being that when we run the race He has set before us and work without ceasing to achieve His will, He is ALWAYS faithful and ALWAYS provides.

Enjoy the sunshine and the beauties of spring! Thanks for checking in and we’ll post again soon!