“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” – Beverly Sills

Has that ever been our lesson! I always thought I was a patient person, but wow. The wait for this permit or that approval, or this okay and that okay…. it’s been a long road. The wait seems to have no end! But as usual, this wait has paid off… The city has FINALLY approved our building permit and the Health Department has approved our plans! We are so excited about these stamps of consent from the government. We can now (AT LAST) begin the renovations to the space. In the next few weeks new walls will be framed out, plumbing put in, electrical wires run, toilets and sinks put in place, and the whole thing.

We were not sitting still during our wait, lest you think we had turned into couch potatoes. We were still hard at work (or our money has been) buying equipment, buying mugs, putting some finishing touches on more tables, finalizing our t-shirt designs, and other ‘planning’ stuff.

Some of the tables…

IMG_4508  IMG_4864

Our mugs!


We took another class with GROW which proved fruitful. (We weren’t surprised.) This organization has been quite helpful through our challenges. If anyone in the area has small business questions, ideas, or anything of the sort we highly recommend reaching out to them! They are always happy to help wherever and however they can.

As always we are more than grateful for the prayers! They are what sustain us during all the waiting. We could not chase the goal without them. Please continue to pray for us and everyone involved with this exciting adventure!!

We hope the summer has found you well. The sunshine and warm temperatures have been such a blessing! Enjoy the holiday weekend ahead. Be safe. Be smart. We’ll check in again with news about the construction.