Dang! Time seems to slip by so quickly. It’s already been a year and a few months since we opened our doors here on the west side of Grand Rapids and it has been an amazing journey thus far. This past year has been filled with joy and stress, tears and laughter, and more gratitude than we could ever have expected. The outpouring of support we’ve received has been incredible! By far the most inspiring thing has been meeting the people who have started to call Roots Brew Shop home. It’s a beautiful thing to watch the community here at Roots grow.

As we expected there is a learning curve that accompanies starting and running your own business. We never would have been able to make it happen without the outstanding support system that has surrounded us. The people who have given us their time, their seasoned advice, a helping hand, and most importantly patronage. We can not thank you all enough. You give us the confidence and courage to continue on; to always strive for better and to expect more from ourselves.

When reflecting on what to express to people about the shop and how our first year has gone it’s a bit overwhelming. There is so much to share! If I had to pick one thing above all else that has had the greatest impact I would have to say the people; the folks who make Roots what it is. When we started this shop, we set out to create a place where community could gather and where all people felt comfortable and welcomed. It is awe inspiring to see it become a reality.

From the beginning we have been blessed with an amazing staff. We could not have asked for better. Everyone who has worked here has filled this place with compassion and love, joy and laughter. They have embraced the vision and culture that is Roots and live it out in everything they do. This shop would not be what it is without them. If you’ve ever visited the shop then you know how great they all are! A huge thank you to everyone who has been or is currently part of the Roots team. You are all incredible and the shop is a better place because of you.

A member of our team recently commented on what makes Roots Brew Shop so unique. She said it is our ability to make a simple business transaction something personal. We don’t just sell someone a cup of coffee or a bagel (which are both phenomenal!), we want to know that person. We want our customers to be part of Roots Brew Shop. As a result, a visit to Roots becomes much more about a visit with friends than it does about getting a caffeine fix. That’s our goal.

There would be no purpose to being open if there was no one to serve. Our customers are the reason we are in business. They are the reason we employ such an outstanding staff. We have met so many exceptional and intriguing people here at Roots. We have wonderful regulars who frequent the shop and new people visiting daily. The people who come through Roots all carry with them such different stories and have so much offer. It’s beautiful when a customer shares a part of their story with us.

We want to share with all of you some of the people who make Roots unique. We want to give you a glimpse into the community of Roots Brew Shop. So we have decided to start featuring various people in the Roots community on our blog. You will get a peek into who they are. You might discover something pretty amazing about them or realize you have something in common. You may even have the courage to say “Hey” to them the next time you see them in the shop. So keep an eye out for our first feature which will be posted within the week.

As always, thank you to everyone who has supported us and those who continue to do so! Thank you to our frequent customers and we look forward to meeting those who have yet to visit. Until next time friends.